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The Truth About Gravy

Whenever I’m seated at a dinner and asked if I want gravy, I have no idea what to say. What IS gravy, exactly? What is IN it? Should I view this as the curse of never wearing mini skirts again, or is this the delectable treat my life’s been missing? I consulted our Wellness Contributor, Tara Felice, and Little Mama and this is what I found out….

One-Pot Wonders: Chicken and Veggies

There is a new product out there that makes your slow cooker…slow! Tara, our Wellness Contributor, hooked me up with the Instant Pot. Well, you just will not believe this thing! It can roast a five-pound chicken in 30 minutes. (Yes, you read that right!) It replaces 9 kitchen appliances and can pressure cook, slow cook, cook rice, make yogurt, cook eggs, sauté, steam, warm, and sterilize. There are actually 14 different buttons to choose from when cooking with the Instant Pot. It even makes…

The Kitchen Wizard

Since Cyber Monday, our wellness contributor, Tara Felice, has been raving about the new kitchen appliance that has changed her life. So, our food writer (aka Little Mama, aka Theresa Cintula), eagerly tested it out herself and LOVES how quickly and easily she can whip up dinner. I think I’m going to need to order one of these wizards myself…

Father’s Day Gift Guide

I always think of a list of gifts to buy my mom in zippity-do-da lightning fashion. But, I find it takes a little more time to shop for “man” gifts. To help us all out, I’ve compiled a list of the perfect Father’s Day gifts by price….

Holiday in New York Like a Local

New York is the most amazing city in the world, but to truly experience all its splendor you have to know where to go and where not to go. This is especially important around the holidays so you don’t end up feeling like a cow being herded on 34th Street. Stick to this plan and you’ll have a magical New York holiday…