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What to Buy at the Farmer’s Market

I LOVE a good farmer’s market. It feels so exciting and refreshing to wander around looking at all those delicious fruits, vegetables, and meats. But how do you narrow down what you should ACTUALLY take home with you and if it’s definitely “healthy”? I don’t know the answer to this question, so I interrogated our Wellness Contributor, Tara Felice. Here are her tips on how to make the most of your farmer’s market….

Protein-Packed Breakfast

I’ve invented another breakfast option for us. As I’ve mentioned before, I’m always hungry, especially in the morning. If I don’t fill up properly first thing, my body is in agony until lunch. And no one needs that. Here’s our delicious and nutritious new breakfast…

The Gluten-Free Diet

Our wellness contributor, Tara Felice, is a genius health expert. She knows exactly what to eat, why to eat it, AND she loves to talk about it! When I asked her to share the gluten-free diet she created because of her Celiac Disease, she immediately replied with, “Oh how FUN!” She’s so adorable!

5 Healthy BAKING Swaps

When I was in my early teens (yes, many years ago!), my father started eating healthier than he had been and was always looking for a way to make food differently. Back then, there wasn’t anything out there that you would consider “healthier.” So, my father had my grandmother use whole wheat flour to make bread and pitas from scratch. I was surprised that whole wheat flour even existed! I think substituting ingredients for healthier ones is so much fun!! It is so enjoyable to experiment and be creative with food. Here are my easy swaps to make while you are baking to lower calories and fat, while increasing protein and fiber….