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Which Hair Brush Is for Me?

Knowing your hair type is just as important as knowing your shoe size, as far as I’m concerned. Unless you’re Kendall Jenner strutting the catwalk for Balmain, you can’t squeeze into a size 6 stiletto when you’re a size 10 and look good. You also can’t use tools and products meant for another hair type. If you do, bad hair days will be trending in your world! How do you figure out your hair type? Hair types are based on porosity, density, texture, and coarseness….

Summer Hair for My Straight-Haired Ladies

Years ago, I very wrongly thought that my straight-haired ladies had it easy and your hair always behaved perfectly. But the more I chatted with my peeps about it, I realized you too can struggle with terrible frizz problems in the summer! So, with the help of my straight-haired Little Mama (and husband!) we devised a simple frizz-blocking plan….

Blown Away

We have all had a last minute special event come up, and BOOM, our hairdresser is out of town. Or perhaps we splurged a bit on those Jimmy Choo shoes and had to cut back on the cost of the blow out. Either way don’t panic! These next few steps will help you look picture perfect…

Eliminate Frizz in 2 Minutes or Less

Every woman I speak to does not like frizzy hair. They also don’t like spending more the 2 minutes doing their hair each morning. They don’t even like someone else taking more than 2 minutes to do their hair for them! Our writers, Theresa Cintula (my mom), and Tara Felice (my bestie) have the exact same reaction when I lovingly give my time to fix their hair woes! “You DON’T need more hairspray…that’s TOO MUCH…why is this taking so long??!!!”

So, to help them (and me!) I am writing this short tutorial to teach ladies with ponytail-length hair how to easily eliminate their own frizz every morning in 2 minutes or less :).