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Father’s Day Gift Guide

I always think of a list of gifts to buy my mom in zippity-do-da lightning fashion. But, I find it takes a little more time to shop for “man” gifts. To help us all out, I’ve compiled a list of the perfect Father’s Day gifts by price….

Why Are We Embarrassed?

If I’m not feeling perfect, I must figure out why. If I ignore it, it will just get worse. A feeling that use to confuse me was embarrassment. So, I gave it a good hard think and figured out the root cause. It’s one (or a combination) of the following reasons…

Toiletries You Can CARRY ON the Airplane

I hate waiting for checked luggage to pop out of those carousels at the airport. Everyone is crowded around the conveyer belt, throwing ‘bows, and I’m always not breathing, as I’m absolutely convinced my bag has not appeared yet because the airline has lost it. There goes irreplaceable Prada. To avoid this horrendous scenario, I carry on whenever possible. The biggest hurdle to overcome in making that possible, is abiding by all those laws pertaining to liquid toiletries. Here’s my system…

Valentine’s Gifts

Valentine’s Day is almost here :). I love love, so I really like the festiveness of Valentine’s Day. And whenever there is festiveness, there is reason for gifts! Yay! Here are gifts for “Her” and “Him” by price….