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Toiletries You Can CARRY ON the Airplane

I hate waiting for checked luggage to pop out of those carousels at the airport. Everyone is crowded around the conveyer belt, throwing ‘bows, and I’m always not breathing, as I’m absolutely convinced my bag has not appeared yet because the airline has lost it. There goes irreplaceable Prada. To avoid this horrendous scenario, I carry on whenever possible. The biggest hurdle to overcome in making that possible, is abiding by all those laws pertaining to liquid toiletries. Here’s my system…

Holiday Hair

The holidays are here, and it feels faster than ever before! The days, weeks, and months are flying! So if you are like me and you will be rushing around to get yourself ready to be fashionably late to your dinner party, here are some helpful hair hints!

Blown Away

We have all had a last minute special event come up, and BOOM, our hairdresser is out of town. Or perhaps we splurged a bit on those Jimmy Choo shoes and had to cut back on the cost of the blow out. Either way don’t panic! These next few steps will help you look picture perfect…

Eliminate Frizz in 2 Minutes or Less

Every woman I speak to does not like frizzy hair. They also don’t like spending more the 2 minutes doing their hair each morning. They don’t even like someone else taking more than 2 minutes to do their hair for them! Our writers, Theresa Cintula (my mom), and Tara Felice (my bestie) have the exact same reaction when I lovingly give my time to fix their hair woes! “You DON’T need more hairspray…that’s TOO MUCH…why is this taking so long??!!!”

So, to help them (and me!) I am writing this short tutorial to teach ladies with ponytail-length hair how to easily eliminate their own frizz every morning in 2 minutes or less :).