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How Do I Talk to My Hairstylist About Hair Color?

Coloring your hair can be SO confusing if you are new to the game. When women ask me if they should highlight or lowlight or neither, I literally have no idea what to tell them. And if the word, “balayage”, is thrown into the mix, I really don’t know what the heck we’re even talking about.

But I do know this: The worst thing for our hair is NOT knowing how to correctly communicate with our hairstylist about what we want. So, I interviewed top New York stylist (and our beauty contributor!), Stephanie Alina, to learn the ropes. The first thing I learned is that I’m not even using the right jargon….

Hunting Season

This is New York, Ladies, the concrete jungle….so of course I’m not here to tell you which camo outfit to rock while looking for deer in the woods. Although…camo is ALWAYS a fave in any season! I am talking about hairstylist hunting for the perfect blow out! Here are a few key tips to ensure you find the stylist you are looking for, to have and to hold till death do you part…

Cut the Electricity

Okay New Yorkers, no one ever looks forward to getting a call from ConEd to let them know the electricity is being cut, but when you hear it from your hairstylist, it gains a whole new meaning! Static electricity is caused by two unusual objects rubbing against one another, like your hair against your pillow all night (causing you to wake up with a serious case of bed head)! The friction causes electrons to be sent from one object to the other. The object that lost electrons has a positive charge and the object that received electrons has a negative charge. When this happens to surfaces that don’t conduct electricity well like dry, damaged hair, the electrons force the hair to fly away from each other. The hair is lacking moisture! If there’s not enough moisture in the air, and your hair is dry, I can bet this is a struggle for you! Try finger styling your hair and not brushing it often. When you do brush your hair, try to use a wooden brush …