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Rainy Day Activities for Kids

The beauty of summer is fresh warm air and the freedom to run around barefoot in the grass….but what do we do (and more importantly, what do we have the little ones do) when we’re stuck inside on a rainy day? From Graye Note Supermom, Stephanie Viloria, here’s the kid-approved activities to keep everyone happy and engaged…

How You Feel Means….Everything

How do you feel?  Sometimes, the answer isn’t clear.  This is not good, because if we don’t know how we feel, we can’t be happy and healthy. There’s so much cultural phooie-ness that takes up residence in our minds and it totes blocks the truthful answer to this question from coming out.  I say, let’s put an end to that right now! Head’s up: we need to be ready to have a different mindset than what our culture has led us to believe is “right.”  This is a good thing, because change only happens with new mindsets! 1) You have a right to be treated like the princess you are.  I cannot tell you how unhappy it makes me to hear the phrase “First World Problems.”  What the heck is that supposed to mean anyway?!  Why do we judge our circumstances by comparing our lives to societies with the worst living situations?  That’s just silliness.  Let’s judge our circumstances by comparing our lives to a world where there is no brokenness and people are treated …

Choose to Be HAPPY!

When you wake up in the morning do you choose to be happy? When you start your day with a positive mind set and positive thoughts, you have made the first step in deciding your day will not be destroyed by the negativity that surrounds you.  Only you can control the doorway to your mind.  You are in charge of what comes into your thoughts and how you react to them.  You’re in charge of how you react to others.  Choose to be positive in a negative situation and see which emotion wins the battle.  Your day will have a whole new meaning and a fresh start to the life that has always been waiting for you around the corner.  The power of positivity might just open your soul to the world you have chosen to close out all your life. When you wake up in the morning will you choose to be happy?