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Fall Shoes

When I get dressed, sometimes I find that I get my whole outfit on and then realize I don’t have the perfect shoe to go with it. You can imagine that this does not make me happy. Shoes cannot be an afterthought! We must plan ahead, so I have identified the 6 shoes that will be extremely helpful to make sure we have in our closet this fall….

Winter Fashion: Date Night

I really like getting dressed up for a date night. The problem is that in the middle of the winter, I’m cold…and I just want to be comfortable. BUT, I don’t want to look like a polar bear, big and chunky, in 75 layers while I’m on a date. Ya know what I mean? So, I came up with this perfect winter date night outfit for us that will meet all of our needs! Polar bear-free!

Holiday Fashion: Christmas Eve

I love this outfit. I’m really so excited about it. It’s a bit of a departure from what I originally was seeing in my mind for this year’s Christmas Eve look. At the last minute, our set had to change for the shoot. With a different set, we needed a whole new art direction. What I ended up styling is one of my favorite looks of all time…

A New Spin on a Pump

What better way is there to make going to work more exciting than to wear fabulous new shoes?! For fall this year, I am very eager to sport office heels that are more unique than a traditional pump. Who’s in?

Office Shoes You Can Actually Walk In!

The other day at the office, Husband and I impromtuly (that’s not a word, but I don’t see a real one that sounds like me and gets my point across) decided we would go shopping after work. Yaay! I love shopping with Husband. The only downside, was that…