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Halloween Sauerkraut Brownies

I think you may all remember my sauerkraut fetish and how it actually helped to cure my gastritis. If you have been watching Graye Note Live, you may also have seen me “ask” my daughter, Andrea, to try my Sauerkraut Brownies. I thought it went over well. She said she couldn’t even taste the sauerkraut! What better way to have a tasty treat for Halloween than one that is actually good for you! Come on, get a little kooky spooky and “Trick or Treat” with our Halloween Sauerkraut Brownies…

Kid Approved Healthy Dessert!

Our wellness contributor, Tara Felice, has two adorable children who she somehow gets to eat dairy free, gluten free, vegan, paleo-friendly foods that have NO fake or refined sugar. And they’re HAPPY about it! So, I decided we MUST share one of her easy, healthy recipes for the holidays…

Christmas Morning French Toast

Of course, all of you know how hectic it is on Christmas morning. Opening presents, opening stockings, making Christmas greeting phone calls, and getting dressed for the big day! Then you have to worry about getting a good breakfast into everyone to make it through the big day! Also, you just never know how long it will be before you get that Christmas dinner! So, when my children were young, I would make this wonderful, warm, fruity, and nutritious breakfast ahead of time! Made the day just that much cozier! Mmmmmm!!

Holiday Hair

The holidays are here, and it feels faster than ever before! The days, weeks, and months are flying! So if you are like me and you will be rushing around to get yourself ready to be fashionably late to your dinner party, here are some helpful hair hints!