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Eye Makeup Must-Haves

I don’t want to leave all of you hanging when it comes to what makeup to buy. I have been using the eye makeup discussed in this article every day and I have all of the inside information that you need on these products!

Overwintering Spikes

No…for you fashionistas out there, I don’t mean your stilettos! Although, it wouldn’t be a bad idea to put those away for the winter, too! The Spikes that I’m talking about are the only non-flowering plants that I make sure to overwinter every year. By overwintering plants you’ll not only save money….

Your “Base” Makeup

I like makeup because it makes me feel “put-together.” I also think it’s fun, but I’m definitely not an expert. Everything about fashion is so innate to me that I literally think I could spot a Chanel jacket from the womb, but when I watch the amazingly talented teenagers on YouTube that are more impressive than top celebrity makeup artists, I very quickly realize I essentially know nothing about makeup. But there is good news: Graye Note now has our own resident teenager to teach us the beauty ropes! She is my beautiful and sweet niece, Alexia, and she’s identified the best primer, concealer, and foundation for us at BOTH drugstore and luxury price points….

Container “Refresher” Course

“Taken its toll” is a phrase that pops up in my mind around this time of year, and summer has done just that to some of my flower filled containers! They’re looking a little frazzled, due to either the summer heat or the soaking rains during the season. They could barely take a breath and drain quick enough before the next storm! With some, the soil was so soggy I had to drag the containers under the eaves of the house to help them dry out a bit. But, through it all, those hard working annuals have now…just about exhausted themselves! So, in order for them to remain that “focal point” I talked about in my last article, My View From Here, now is the time to give those flowers a little sprucing up…

My View from Here

Amid these longest days and shortest nights since the summer solstice began, we are definitely in the thick of things, and that means the heat of the summer. These hot and humid days and nights have me wishing for the slightest breeze. A breeze that will bring a waft of those fragrant, lush flowers we toiled over earlier in the season. Now, looking out into the brightest sun or the deepest shade, it’s my time to sit back and enjoy the view around my home…

Impatient for SunPatiens!

For many years, I had a favorite shade plant that I loved to grow on my back deck, where the morning sun kissed it briefly. They were called Impatiens, a prolific flowering plant, and they were impatient to bloom! A few years ago, I was informed by my garden center that they would not be selling them, due to the fact that Impatiens were overcome by a plant disease called downy mildew. I was sad to see them go. Then, a new hybrid of Impatiens arrived on the scene that were unaffected by the mildew. They were called SunPatiens, and they took my breath away! I’ve grown SunPatiens ever since and I’m still thrilled with them. In fact, I’m waiting impatiently to grow them again this year…

A Must Do This Spring: Plant Tomatoes!

Some of us have anxiously planned ahead by preparing for this glorious time of year. Now it is time to go into the garden! ​There are many varieties of tomato plants that I have grown in containers. Read on to learn about the different types that have worked for me, seedlings that will grow in your space, where you can buy them, and how to plant them…

Hunting Season

This is New York, Ladies, the concrete jungle….so of course I’m not here to tell you which camo outfit to rock while looking for deer in the woods. Although…camo is ALWAYS a fave in any season! I am talking about hairstylist hunting for the perfect blow out! Here are a few key tips to ensure you find the stylist you are looking for, to have and to hold till death do you part…