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Is it Sadness or Pride?

The biggest dangers to the human mind are confusion and lies. If we don’t acknowledge every thought that travels through our brain, ideas and beliefs that are absolutely NOT TRUE can easily set up camp and we will be mislead. One of the biggest misconceptions we can fall for happens when we don’t address our feelings head on. We can very easily confuse….

The Gastritis Diet

This past September, I found out that I had acquired “a little gastritis in the stomach.” That is a direct quote from my gastroenterologist’s nurse (nope, didn’t talk to the doctor). What is it? It is an inflammation of the stomach lining. Okay, so how do we resolve making it go away? I was told to take an acid reflux medicine by him AND my general practitioner. I did this for about a month and knew it was not helping. Soooooo, if you don’t know me by now, you will! I said to my husband, “Well, that’s not happenin’!” I, also, have IBS (irritable bowel syndrome) and diverticulitis, where pockets in your intestines have had food particles drop in them and get infected. To avoid another infection, I have to stay away from seeds, nuts, tomato skins, and corn. Navigating all of these different digestive issues was going to be very interesting! So onto the internet I went to research. I want to tell you, though… is a VERY slow-learning process! BUT, I’ve done it for you and now I can share what I’ve learned…

Cold Weather Activities for Kids!

When cold weather hits my first thought is to stay inside and hibernate. Unfortunately, children don’t have that tendency. The more they are cooped up, the crazier they act. The only way to fight the winter crazies is to burn off all of that energy! We are really lucky to live where there are plenty of outdoor activities in the winter time. My daughter loves to stay busy and I love to watch her experience new things, so I signed her up for a few lessons this winter. I’m a teacher, so my first instinct is to sign up for a class whenever possible. But, that doesn’t mean that you couldn’t teach your own child these activities. Also, if you have an older child who already knows how to ski or skate, lessons might not fit your needs. A family outing to the rink, park, or mountain could be your answer to the winter blues. We started off the winter with ice skating lessons. It was a huge success. My daughter is four and had …