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Where to Shop for Kids Clothing

You know I love fashion, and that extends to fashion for the little princesses and princes in my life! I always say, kids are people too :). I love observing kids and it has been so fun for me to see them develop their own personalities and their very STRONG opinions on what they do and do not want to wear. Here are some of the go-to brands that us Graye Note Ladies love for finding the perfect styles for our little ones….

What to Pack in Your Kids’ Lunch

Our Wellness Contributor, Tara Felice, is an expert at finding truly nutritious food that her kids will actually eat. That seems like a miracle to me, so I wanted to find out exactly what she packs in their school lunches to make all moms’ and dads’ lives easier. Here’s her list….

Rainy Day Activities for Kids

The beauty of summer is fresh warm air and the freedom to run around barefoot in the grass….but what do we do (and more importantly, what do we have the little ones do) when we’re stuck inside on a rainy day? From Graye Note Supermom, Stephanie Viloria, here’s the kid-approved activities to keep everyone happy and engaged…

Summer Activities That Work for Kids at Different Ages

It’s summer! That means little ones are home from school and there’s lots of time every day that needs to be filled! Or so I imagine. As you know, I don’t have any cuties myself, but I am an observer of humans, and that goes for little ones as well. They seem to me to have an abundance of energy and a lot of time to kill. So, I want to help out all of you grown humans in charge of them…

Funfetti Cake Batter Yogurt Dip

There are so many memories that come to mind baking and cooking as a child with my grandmother and mother! I have continued with that tradition with my son and we try to cook or bake whenever time allows. It is a fun and exciting experience for both of us and it will be memories we share together for a lifetime. One of my son’s favorites…

Scouted: Aruba

I’m always obsessed with the beach, but perhaps my obsession grows a little in the winter. We just returned from a vacation on the beach for New Year’s, and I’m already dreaming up our next getaway. If you are like me, here’s a warm, sunny option to consider….

Kid Approved Healthy Dessert!

Our wellness contributor, Tara Felice, has two adorable children who she somehow gets to eat dairy free, gluten free, vegan, paleo-friendly foods that have NO fake or refined sugar. And they’re HAPPY about it! So, I decided we MUST share one of her easy, healthy recipes for the holidays…