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Eye Makeup Must-Haves

I don’t want to leave all of you hanging when it comes to what makeup to buy. I have been using the eye makeup discussed in this article every day and I have all of the inside information that you need on these products!

Your “Base” Makeup

I like makeup because it makes me feel “put-together.” I also think it’s fun, but I’m definitely not an expert. Everything about fashion is so innate to me that I literally think I could spot a Chanel jacket from the womb, but when I watch the amazingly talented teenagers on YouTube that are more impressive than top celebrity makeup artists, I very quickly realize I essentially know nothing about makeup. But there is good news: Graye Note now has our own resident teenager to teach us the beauty ropes! She is my beautiful and sweet niece, Alexia, and she’s identified the best primer, concealer, and foundation for us at BOTH drugstore and luxury price points….

Toiletries You Can CARRY ON the Airplane

I hate waiting for checked luggage to pop out of those carousels at the airport. Everyone is crowded around the conveyer belt, throwing ‘bows, and I’m always not breathing, as I’m absolutely convinced my bag has not appeared yet because the airline has lost it. There goes irreplaceable Prada. To avoid this horrendous scenario, I carry on whenever possible. The biggest hurdle to overcome in making that possible, is abiding by all those laws pertaining to liquid toiletries. Here’s my system…

Thanksgiving Makeup Plan

Thanksgiving makeup is a MUST. We’ve already picked out a pretty dress and dazzling shoes to wear. Spiffing our hair and applying makeup are the finishing touches that show our fab outfit respect. Would you serve stale, dry toast next to your gorgeous golden roast turkey? Of course not…that should be left for the Central Park pigeons. So, here’s our festive and chic makeup plan…

PM Routine: Makeup Removal

In my Fast Morning Makeup artcile I told you that I use to dread putting on makeup. One of the reasons was that once the makeup was on, it had to come back off…and once it was time for that, I was usually exhausted and It was coming between me and my white down pillow. But not to fear, Ladies! I came up with a plan for easy makeup removal (and skincare!) to combat this big problem-o….

Fast Morning Makeup

I use to take forever to apply makeup. This resulted in me dreading having to put it on, being stressed the entire time I tried, and I usually ended up late to wherever I was headed. That is not a chic nor easy way to live, so I became determined to make a change and came up with a streamlined routine for my “everyday makeup.”