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The Gluten-Free Diet

Our wellness contributor, Tara Felice, is a genius health expert. She knows exactly what to eat, why to eat it, AND she loves to talk about it! When I asked her to share the gluten-free diet she created because of her Celiac Disease, she immediately replied with, “Oh how FUN!” She’s so adorable!

New Year’s Resolution: Healthy Hair!

Winter in NYC sounds so beautiful when you picture Central Park under a light blanket of snow….but for most of us this is not the reality of the situation! We are most likely trekking single file through barely shoveled sidewalks that feel like wind tunnels. Each gust drying out our skin and whipping our hair into knots, only to step into an office building blowing compressed heat on us drying us out even more! How do we win the battle against the environmental winter effects on our hair? A half hour steam shower sounds great on a frigid morning, but when it comes to washing your hair use cool to room temperature water. This will keep more moisture in your hair. Shampoo strips moisture from the scalp and hair, so try to go longer in between washing your locks. Use a good Dry Shampoo¬†to use on days you are not shampooing. Also, use a good Hydrating Conditioner and Hair Mask. Use the mask on the ends of your hair for about 15 minutes once a …

New Year…New Me?

With each new day I strive to become a better person than I was the day before. Setting daily goals helps us meet our longer-term goals. Make a decision with each new day to move closer towards a dream! Let’s take one of the most recognized New Year’s Resolutions…Getting Healthy/Losing Weight. Most people will start out strong, making daily trips to the gym, cutting carbs, or even choosing “diets” that are harmful to their bodies. Instead of going all in, set daily or weekly goals for yourself. If you choose a salad over that juicy cheeseburger you have been eating for lunch, you have made a step towards your goal. Too often people will set goals that are far from realistic with the resources they have. After a period of time setting too high of an expectation for themselves they “fail” and get discouraged allowing their resolution to go as quick as it started. Now set down that bowl of ice cream and take a walk around the block instead…you will thank yourself later. While you are at …