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Beekeeping 101

Un”bee”knownst to some people, and much to their surprise, queen bees are a hot commodity for those of us who want to start a honeybee colony and become a backyard beekeeper. That’s what a friend of mine did! Living on the west coast in San Francisco, Torbie, a college professor, makes use of every square foot of land she owns, which includes beehives. That peaked my interest, so I asked her a few questions….

Chili Breakfast

I found that I easily tire of the same breakfast, which leads me to not eating enough, which then leads me to being hungry and grumpy. This is clearly not the way to start my day, so I am always looking to create more breakfast ideas. I’m really excited about my most recent invention because it feels very fall-ish, only takes a couple of minutes to make, and keeps me full with the key nutrients, protein and fiber….

Labor Day Dip

I really love my dip-pity-do-da. I always have. Since I was little, I always ordered every dip offered when I ate at a restaurant. I also love things to be festive, so I named my latest dip creation, “Labor Day Dip.” I like each special occasion to have its own food. As always, I made sure to pack protein and nutrients into this snack that’s super easy to make and serve….