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Getting Dressed Can Be EASY!

There was definitely a time when I did NOT feel that getting dressed was easy. I love fashion so much and I always want to look on the outside how I feel on the inside, but I NEVER want it to take more than a few minutes to accomplish this goal. Once I got myself organized and streamlined my process, I was able to cut down the time immensely. I just need to stick to these simple steps…..

How to Operate a Home

A business CANNOT be successful without a strategy and proper operations. A home is not any different. Home life is just as busy, if not BUSIER, than a company. So, to make our life as easy and balanced as possible this year, we just need to follow these steps to be operational wizards…

Chic Home: Closet

My closet is the dreamiest place in my apartment. It’s appearance AND functionality are essential to starting my day off correctly. If everything was in a heap, I wouldn’t be able to find anything, I’d be late to work, and I would be a wrinkled mess…très tragique! To avoid this problem, we must follow these easy steps to create (and maintain!) a chic, useable closet:

Chic Home: Bedroom

I hate clutter. And I hate ugly. I’m a very visual person with a great attention to detail, which means every single thing I see in a day affects me.

When I moved into my last apartment, it was quite challenging to fit everything perfectly (as it always is when you’re dealing with a Manhattan apartment). After about a day and a half of desperately trying to make “organization magic,” my good-intentioned dad said, “Don’t worry about how it looks, no one will see it.” Given my passion and zest for life, and loudly (and immediately) responded, “I will!!!! I WILL SEE IT! I have eyes!!!!!”

Since I have eyes, and very good ones at that, I’m constantly on a mission to be as chicly organized as possible. Here are my super-helpful findings for the bedroom:

Efficiently Getting Out the Door

I went through this terrible phase a few years ago where leaving the house felt like preparing to climb Mt. Everest. This was no bueno. It caused me to hardly ever leave the house, and when I did I was constantly stressed and anxious. That’s no way to live! So, I made a change and got my life together. Now, I’m always ready to go, which means, I’ve living life and not hiding from it. Here’s how:

Housekeeping Simplified

I hate mess. And that’s a good thing. Mess disrupts life and slows you down. Why would anyone want to lose 30 minutes out of their day looking for items that are lost because their home is messy?

Running an efficient home will free everyone up to do more of what they love…like consignment shop! So, to get to that precious boutique ASAP, just follow these 5 easy steps:

Chic Home: Bathroom

Having a beautiful and functional bathroom is essential. It will make you happy and cut down your “getting ready” time substantially. I like to keep as many products directly out on my sink as possible for easy and fast use. It’s not a secret, that to achieve beauty and function, I use a lot of…