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What Can I Eat With All This Coffee?

I often enjoy coffee, but sometimes I have to drink it more than I would like to and it clashes with my meals and snacks. Most food that goes well with coffee (i.e. sugar-crusted donuts) is NOT GOOD FOR YOU. I don’t want my cholesterol to spike and my jeans to get tight because I needed more caffeine this week, so I made a list of go-to foods for us to solve the dilemma….

Hotel Tips

I love to travel, but I hate when it causes inconveniences, especially when I’m supposed to be “vacationing.” To make our vacations as relaxing and easy as possible, my husband and I have discovered these tips…

Father’s Day Gift Guide

I always think of a list of gifts to buy my mom in zippity-do-da lightning fashion. But, I find it takes a little more time to shop for “man” gifts. To help us all out, I’ve compiled a list of the perfect Father’s Day gifts by price….

Scouted: Hamptons

The Hamptons!!!! Need I say more? I really love the Hamptons. They are such a magically dreamy place. The beaches are gorgeous and the shops are adorable. It’s like the Upper East Side at the ocean. The problem is that once May hits, it is nearly impossible to find a place to stay. Houses rent for the month and cost more money than most people’s mortgage for an entire year. But, do not fret, I have found the perfect place to stay for a few nights…

Spring Brunch in NYC

Brunching in New York in the spring is fabulous. The weather is lovely and you can enjoy being outdoors while having waffles and mimosas served to you! Here are the top spots to brunch in the spring season…