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Which Hair Brush Is for Me?

Knowing your hair type is just as important as knowing your shoe size, as far as I’m concerned. Unless you’re Kendall Jenner strutting the catwalk for Balmain, you can’t squeeze into a size 6 stiletto when you’re a size 10 and look good. You also can’t use tools and products meant for another hair type. If you do, bad hair days will be trending in your world! How do you figure out your hair type? Hair types are based on porosity, density, texture, and coarseness….

Summer Hair Care

Summer is here and the livin’ is easy! You AND your hair must be ready for a vacation by now. This time of year, allow your natural tresses to flow against your summer fresh face and beach season glow. Here are some tips to keep your hair healthy all summer long…

Chic Kit: Underlayer Essentials

I love spring and summer dresses, but I also love being appropriate and unfortch, so many dresses are made with no liner and/or thin material. This makes wearing them VERY difficult. So, I came up with a solution. We need to create our own little kit to keep in our closet that will make the perfect “underlayers” for our lightweight dresses. Meet your team…..

Protect Your Louis Vuitton

Always having groomed nails is muy importante, but I find it very hard to go to a nail salon in the winter. One of the reasons is I don’t want my coat, bag, and clothing to get oil all over them. This is difficult to avoid because the manicurists want to help me by taking my coat, moving my bag, and moisturizing all the way up to my shoulder blade. I appreciate their desire to help, but they seem to NOT be aware that they have nail polish remover, nail oil, and lotion all over their hands. So, I devised the perfect nail salon wardrobe to combat this problem: Sleeves: In the winter, I wear a long sleeve shirt that is very fitted, so when I push the sleeves up to my elbow they stay put. Then, I make sure I proactively inform the manicurist that I only want my hands moisturized, not my arms. Pant Legs: When getting a pedicure, be sure to wear leggings or another pant that is easy to roll up to your …

Hunting Season

This is New York, Ladies, the concrete jungle….so of course I’m not here to tell you which camo outfit to rock while looking for deer in the woods. Although…camo is ALWAYS a fave in any season! I am talking about hairstylist hunting for the perfect blow out! Here are a few key tips to ensure you find the stylist you are looking for, to have and to hold till death do you part…

Chic Home: Bedroom

I hate clutter. And I hate ugly. I’m a very visual person with a great attention to detail, which means every single thing I see in a day affects me.

When I moved into my last apartment, it was quite challenging to fit everything perfectly (as it always is when you’re dealing with a Manhattan apartment). After about a day and a half of desperately trying to make “organization magic,” my good-intentioned dad said, “Don’t worry about how it looks, no one will see it.” Given my passion and zest for life, and loudly (and immediately) responded, “I will!!!! I WILL SEE IT! I have eyes!!!!!”

Since I have eyes, and very good ones at that, I’m constantly on a mission to be as chicly organized as possible. Here are my super-helpful findings for the bedroom:

Cut the Electricity

Okay New Yorkers, no one ever looks forward to getting a call from ConEd to let them know the electricity is being cut, but when you hear it from your hairstylist, it gains a whole new meaning! Static electricity is caused by two unusual objects rubbing against one another, like your hair against your pillow all night (causing you to wake up with a serious case of bed head)! The friction causes electrons to be sent from one object to the other. The object that lost electrons has a positive charge and the object that received electrons has a negative charge. When this happens to surfaces that don’t conduct electricity well like dry, damaged hair, the electrons force the hair to fly away from each other. The hair is lacking moisture! If there’s not enough moisture in the air, and your hair is dry, I can bet this is a struggle for you! Try finger styling your hair and not brushing it often. When you do brush your hair, try to use a wooden brush …