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Hotel Tips

I love to travel, but I hate when it causes inconveniences, especially when I’m supposed to be “vacationing.” To make our vacations as relaxing and easy as possible, my husband and I have discovered these tips…

Scouted: Aruba

I’m always obsessed with the beach, but perhaps my obsession grows a little in the winter. We just returned from a vacation on the beach for New Year’s, and I’m already dreaming up our next getaway. If you are like me, here’s a warm, sunny option to consider….

Holiday Fashion: Resort

I am traveling for New Years which means it is time for a new beach look!! Whatever I feel inspired to style for “Resort” each year is what I carry over into the coming Spring. So, these pieces will suit us perfectly for the holiday season AND set us up for next year…

Holiday in the Sun!

Even during the holiday season, when festiveness is often equated with snowy pine trees, my salt, sand, and sun soul is ready to hit the beach!  That’s why my husband and I will be traveling to the Caribbean before flying upstate to spend Christmas with our families this year.  Yay!  Not only is it time for a new golden skintone…it’s also time for a new resort wardrobe!!!  (Fashion Note: “Resort” is the official word the fashion community uses to refer to clothing that hits stores this time of year that can be worn in warm-weather climates…you can plan to see trends shown for Resort carried into the following Spring).  Here are my picks for your holiday in the sun! 1) Straw Hat: 2) Woven Beach Dress: 3) Bright Tankini: top: / bottom: 4) Metallic Flat Sandals: 5) Metallic Tote: Happy Sunning!!! xoxoxo Andrea Graye :)