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Calling All My Curly-Haired Ladies!

Ahh, summer…..the sun, the sand, the salt, the…..frizz.  Okay, so up until very recently, I have to admit I did not embrace that last one.  I was the classic curly-haired girl growing up in the 90s, idolizing every silky, straight-haired lady gracing a magazine cover.  But, finally, I have changed! Yay for me, and soon to be, yay for you too. Here’s my easy summer hair care routine that keeps my curls poppin….

Spring’s Opening Act, ​A Brilliant Character

My Grandmother had an old, urn-shaped, iron pedestal “plant holder” that sat out front of her house years ago. I can’t quite recollect what she used it for or what it was meant to be used for. At my house, it serves as a beacon for displaying an “opening act” for Spring. And so, the marquee would read (as the saying goes), ‘April Showers Bring May Flowers’. The first showing of flowers is always around Mother’s Day, which is May 14th this year, and the starring role goes to the brilliant Fuchsia! Fuchsia are wonderful as Hanging Plants​, although there are Upright Varieties. On some Fuchsia plants, The Blossoms look like ribbons of hanging lanterns or, better yet, tiny dancers wearing tutus! Others have Elongated Blooms and look like a long, tubular, musical horn. Fuchsias bloom in a variety of two-toned colors. I gravitate toward the vibrant, deep Fuchsia/red and purple plants. Other colors range from pink to white, red, or even orange hues. Their bloom time is from late spring to fall, so I …

Protein-Packed Breakfast

I’ve invented another breakfast option for us. As I’ve mentioned before, I’m always hungry, especially in the morning. If I don’t fill up properly first thing, my body is in agony until lunch. And no one needs that. Here’s our delicious and nutritious new breakfast…

Blooming Branches

In early spring, very rarely do I miss out on an opportunity to take budding branches, from flowering trees or shrubs, and turn them into blooming branches in my home. For an amazing visual impact, you can make beautiful sweeping arrangements to place in your foyer, on a side table, cocktail table, or for a centerpiece…

The Gluten-Free Diet

Our wellness contributor, Tara Felice, is a genius health expert. She knows exactly what to eat, why to eat it, AND she loves to talk about it! When I asked her to share the gluten-free diet she created because of her Celiac Disease, she immediately replied with, “Oh how FUN!” She’s so adorable!