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The Truth About Gravy

Whenever I’m seated at a dinner and asked if I want gravy, I have no idea what to say. What IS gravy, exactly? What is IN it? Should I view this as the curse of never wearing mini skirts again, or is this the delectable treat my life’s been missing? I consulted our Wellness Contributor, Tara Felice, and Little Mama and this is what I found out….

Is it Sadness or Pride?

The biggest dangers to the human mind are confusion and lies. If we don’t acknowledge every thought that travels through our brain, ideas and beliefs that are absolutely NOT TRUE can easily set up camp and we will be mislead. One of the biggest misconceptions we can fall for happens when we don’t address our feelings head on. We can very easily confuse….

Rainy Day Activities for Kids

The beauty of summer is fresh warm air and the freedom to run around barefoot in the grass….but what do we do (and more importantly, what do we have the little ones do) when we’re stuck inside on a rainy day? From Graye Note Supermom, Stephanie Viloria, here’s the kid-approved activities to keep everyone happy and engaged…

Summer Activities That Work for Kids at Different Ages

It’s summer! That means little ones are home from school and there’s lots of time every day that needs to be filled! Or so I imagine. As you know, I don’t have any cuties myself, but I am an observer of humans, and that goes for little ones as well. They seem to me to have an abundance of energy and a lot of time to kill. So, I want to help out all of you grown humans in charge of them…

Why Are We Embarrassed?

If I’m not feeling perfect, I must figure out why. If I ignore it, it will just get worse. A feeling that use to confuse me was embarrassment. So, I gave it a good hard think and figured out the root cause. It’s one (or a combination) of the following reasons…