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Thanksgiving Makeup Plan

Thanksgiving makeup is a MUST. We’ve already picked out a pretty dress and dazzling shoes to wear. Spiffing our hair and applying makeup are the finishing touches that show our fab outfit respect. Would you serve stale, dry toast next to your gorgeous golden roast turkey? Of course not…that should be left for the Central Park pigeons. So, here’s our festive and chic makeup plan (reminder to start by applying your foundation primer and concealer and finishing the whole look off with your normal blush. The details of what I use for these elements are in my Fast Morning Makeup article).

  • Lip Gloss: I’m basing our whole makeup scheme around the lip. This dark hue that I created is very Thanksgiving-y and the format of the gloss keeps it nice and light in feel. I couldn’t find the exact perfect color already made, so we will have to layer. First apply the Velvet Lip in color Area, then apply the Gloss in color Sixties Fan.
  • Eye Shadow: I wanted our makeup to have a little special pizzazz in more than one place. So, in addition to the festive lip, we will have a festive eye. BUT in a subtle way, because we can’t have two powerhouses on our face or we will look like a confused clown. We will use a Mauve Shimmer to achieve this goal. I will use the one from this Travel Palette I already own.
  • Eye Liner: Since we have a dark lip, we don’t want to go too dark around the eye. A nice rich brown will be perfect. I like to use shadow as liner, so I will be wearing Espresso Satin from the Travel Palette.
  • Mascara: To polish off our look, Mascara is a must. We’re going brown here too.

Happy Thanksgiving!!!!


Andrea Graye :)