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Thanksgiving Wardrobe

I like to be dressed. And I find it very sad that even on a festive and special day like Thanksgiving, it’s so easy for peeps to fall into the trap of hanging around in loungies. To encourage us all not to do that, I’ve styled an easy and chic outfit we’ll look fab in…

  • DressIn shopping for a great Thanksgiving dress, it was quite challenging to find one that won’t make us look like a pilgrim or a festive tablecloth. Thankfully, this gorgeous gray one I finally found won’t do either.
  • BootiesI love these booties! They are soooo chic and really add such a level of coolness to our dress!
  • NecklaceTo give our dress incredible style without looking too “lady” we need this long, glamorous necklace.
  • Cocktail Ring: One piece of jewelry is not enough for this look, so we must throw on an amaze cocktail ring to top it off.
  • ApronI love a good apron. I hate the idea of not getting dressed in a spiff outfit that makes me happy because I’m going to cook. An apron fixes that problem!

Happy Chic Thanksgiving!


Andrea Graye :)