There is Time for Beauty

If you don’t look like you, you can’t possibly feel like you. This means it’s imperative that we devise a good morning routine that we reliably have time for that results in us being us.

In addition to putting on a snappy outfit each morning, I also want my face and hair to be spiffy in a jiffy. To accomplish this, I repeat the following routine each morning:

  1. Put on all of my clothing that I laid out the night before.
  2. Wrap a Satin Robe over my clothing while being careful not to tie the belt so tightly it wrinkles me. Velcro a Makeup Cape around my neck. Pull my hair back with a Headband. These steps protect my clothes and get my hair out of the way so I’m free to easily and quickly beautify.
  3. March over to my well-lit makeup stand and go to town playing with my pretty palettes. Here’s a link to my video on how to set up the perfect stand: (A Makeup Stand for a Princess).
  4. March into my bathroom and sculpt my hair with my brush, products, and tools that I keep easily accessible.
  5. Accessorize with jewelry, scarves, hats, shoes, and handbag.
  6. Perfume myself with a rollerball so I don’t accidentally spray and stain my wardrobe. If you like to spray, aim for your hair.

Now I’m me. Have fun being you!


Andrea Graye :)