There’s a Little Bit of Irish in All of Us!

As luck would have it, with St. Patrick’s Day just around the corner, I found a Shamrock plant, (Oxalis, the lucky clover). The lucky part about it? I found it at my local grocery store, and it’s easy to care for!  
As a house plant, it loves bright, indirect light, cooler temperatures, and kept evenly moist and well drained. 
This Shamrock plant has delicate, white flowers that set above a generous mound of dark olive green, 3-leaf clovers (leaves)! In the evening, the flowers close and the leaves droop down, but in the daylight hours, it perks right up again! 
It will have a dormant period in winter, so don’t worry when it looks a little under the weather. Set it aside for 2 to 3 months until it’s ready to grow again. Link to bulbs (not grown plant): bit.ly/1QKeMVC
Not all clovers are alike, and this Shamrock plant is different from the clover I find on my lawn. I, along with my grandson, search for the elusive 4-leaf clover all the time, and although he has found a few, I have yet to be lucky enough to find one…..or is it patient enough?!
A few words about the importance of the Shamrock: 
Originating from Ireland, the Shamrock (the 3-leaf clover), is the national emblem of Ireland
Also, it’s said, that St. Patrick (the patron saint), used the 3-leaf clover as a symbol for his teaching of the Christian Holy Trinity…..the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.
Even though I’m not Irish, I still believe there’s a little bit of Irish in all of us, so I leave you with this old Irish blessing:
Wishing you a rainbow, for sunlight after showers
Miles and miles of Irish smiles, for golden happy hours
Shamrocks at your doorway, for luck and laughter too
And a host of friends that never ends, each day your whole life through!