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Toiletries You Can CARRY ON the Airplane

I hate waiting for checked luggage to pop out of those carousels at the airport. Everyone is crowded around the conveyer belt, throwing ‘bows, and I’m always not breathing, as I’m absolutely convinced my bag has not appeared yet because the airline has lost it. There goes irreplaceable Prada. To avoid this horrendous scenario, I carry on whenever possible. The biggest hurdle to overcome in making that possible, is abiding by all those laws pertaining to liquid toiletries. Here’s my system:

I don’t pack shampoo, conditioner, body wash, moisturizer, or toothpaste, because hotels should have these waiting for you in your room (note: call ahead to confirm where you are staying will have them). I also don’t pack “body” sunscreen, because some of the hotels I stay in distribute it in little cups to you at the beach and by the pool. If not, it can be purchased at the airport when you land at your destination, or in the hotel gift shop.

Have fun traveling without the stress of lost and damaged luggage!

Andrea Graye :)