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Total Summer Comfort

I love a day at the beach or by the pool…the sun, the breeze, the water. It’s magical. But then once I am home and squeaky clean after a nice shower, I don’t want to put on my PJs yet because it’s only 4pm! I want to be comfortable, but as always I want to still feel like myself, which means put-together. So, this is the perfect option and here’s why:

  • I want it to be an opaque dress, so I only have to put on one piece, and it will not require a cami and slip system underneath.
  • I want to wear woven cotton because it is soft, breathable, and holds a nice shape.
  • I want it to be sleeveless to keep me cool and comfy in the summer heat.
  • I want a print/pattern/color with a summer vibe.

This baby meets the criteria: Seersucker Dress.

Happy Summer!

Andrea Graye :)