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Travel Secrets that SAVE You Money

After years of traveling, my husband and I have figured out how to have the nicest vacations possible while spending the least amount of money necessary. Here are our easy tips:

  1. Hotel Tonight App: The closer you book to your date of stay, the lower the price. We have found hotels at 60% off their normal rate.
  2. Google Flights: This is the best way to see the cheapest month, date, and time to fly to your desired destination.
  3. Off Season: Find locations that are still enjoyable in their “off-season.” For example, we went the Caribbean in August and the total cost of the trip was approximately 50% lower than if we went in the winter.
  4. Weekdays: If you are able to travel during the week, hotel rates are typically lower than on weekends.
  5. Ask for Freebies: You’ll be surprised what some hotels will give you for free if you just ask (My husband is amazing at getting very expensive things for ridiculously low prices…Manhattan apartments included!). This tip is especially helpful if a hotel has low occupancy. We’ve stayed in 5-star hotels where we’ve booked the least expensive “non-view” room and then were upgraded to an oceanfront room!

I hope this was helpful! We have more travel tips in our Travel Category!

Happy Travels!

Andrea Graye :)