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Valentine’s Hair with Your Sweetheart

Tonight is the night to spice things up a bit between you and your lucky lover! Try a new hairstyle; something that will show off your beautiful face and go with anything you wear. I propose a new twist on the pompadour. This hairstyle is the perfect mix between class and edge!

Note: Straight hair works best with this look, so take the time to smooth it out before starting.

1. Section off the fringe of your hair (your bangs). Collect the hair from each temple straight back to the crown of your head (the highest point). This should make a triangle from the top of your head to your temples. Clip the rest of your hair in low ponytail.

2. In small sections, spray Dry Texture Spray at the root of your fringe.

3. Starting from the back of your fringe and in 1/2″ sections, slightly tease your hair with a comb and spray with a Medium Hold Hairspray.

4. Brush through your hair slightly. This is not meant to take the tease out, but to make your hair look effortless.

5. Unclip your hair from the ponytail. Using a Firm Hold Hairspray, closely spray into the sides of this hair as you are combing it back. Pin these sections of hair under the last section of teased hair on your crown, so no one can see. This look should be seamless. There should be no hard line between your pomp and your slicked back hair on the sides. Let the rest of your hair hang down-flowing, long, and beautiful.

This look will elongate your face, and show off the eyes and smile your honey first fell in love with. Your hair will pair beautifully with a blouse or low cut dress. You can even dress up a pair of jeans and a sweater with this hairstyle. Enjoy your Valentine’s Day, ladies! Try to keep it spicy all the time, not just tonight!