Where Have We Been?

Hi Everyone!

Unfortunately, the answer to the question, “Where have we been?” is not “at the beach.”

Shortly after Memorial Day weekend, I was hospitalized for a total of 4 weeks with a kidney disease called FSGS. It caused me to gain 35 pounds of fluid in two weeks and brought on many other symptoms such as severe fatigue, faintness, and disorientation. On top of my already existing health struggles of Autonomic Dysfunction and MS, it has been a really hard period of time.

Thank you so much to everyone who reached out to express their love and concern. I cannot tell you how much it meant to me to receive your support and to know you missed hearing from Graye Note!

The Graye Note Team is also my personal care team, so as soon as I fell so suddenly ill, all Graye Note operations abruptly paused. WE MISS YOU SO MUCH!

I seem to be getting a little stronger each day, and as I recover, we are planning new videos, articles, and the launch of Graye Note Radio for you! We are so excited for this new radio platform where we can talk to you about life through podcasts!

Please STAY TUNED and we’ll see you in SEPTEMBER!!!!


Andrea Graye :)