White or Green Stevia? A Baker’s Review!

I never knew there was green stevia until my friend took me to a co-op to grocery shop.  I just happened to see it and thought it would be different, put it away in my cupboard, and forgot about it.  Then, months later, I was making Oat Bars so I texted my daughter to check on the sweetener that I should add to them.  My daughter and I are always collaborating together on recipes that I bake.  Through our “texting conversation” came this article!

Green leaf stevia is the ground leaves. White stevia is chemically bleached to get the “white” color.  The white stevia is more bitter than the green leaf. I have found, with the green, there does not seem to be an aftertaste, as with the white.

Powdered green stevia is much stronger than regular white sugar.  To decrease the amount of calories and sugar you intake, you could use 1 tsp of green stevia, instead of ¼ cup of sugar. Green stevia also works great with honey!  You can use 1 tsp of powdered green stevia plus ¼ cup of raw honey, which equals ½ cup of raw honey.

All in all, I prefer the green stevia because it is “smoother” and the taste blends well with what you’re making. By the way, it does tend to make some items you bake a greenish color.   However, to me, just means I’m eating healthier…I guess you could say, “I went green!”