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Why Are We Embarrassed?

If I’m not feeling perfect, I must figure out why. If I ignore it, it will just get worse. A feeling that use to confuse me was embarrassment. So, I gave it a good hard think and figured out the root cause. It’s one (or a combination) of the following reasons:

  1. We are doing something that we are not innately good at/that does not come easily to us.
  2. We are doing something we have absolutely no experience at doing.
  3. There is something we don’t like about the situation.

I found myself getting embarrassed whenever I had to model for Graye Note. In general, I do not get embarrassed about anything, ever, so this confused me greatly. When I analyzed the problem I realized:

  1. I am not gifted as a model. This is simply something that does NOT come naturally or easily to me in any way. I’m great at having my picture taken when I get to be “me.” “Me” is very silly and happy and I smile very widely and my eyes pop out. I am terrible at “acting a part,” which is exactly what modeling requires.
  2. I had zero experience as a model.
  3. I don’t want to be the “face of Graye Note.” The brand is not intended to be about me. If it was, I would have named it “Andrea Graye.”

Done and done. It was that simple to figure out. I wasn’t getting embarrassed because I have low self confidence or thought badly of myself. I was embarrassed because I was in a situation I was never created to be in and did not have any gifts, skills, or experience to be successful. That is embarrassing.

I hope this was helpful.

Love you!
Andrea Graye :)