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Winter Fashion: Date Night

I really like getting dressed up for a date night. The problem is that in the middle of the winter, I’m cold…and I just want to be comfortable. BUT, I don’t want to look like a polar bear, big and chunky, in 75  layers while I’m on a date. Ya know what I mean? So, I came up with this perfect winter date night outfit for us that will meet all of our needs! Polar bear-free!

  • Fitted Top: The trick to our outfit is to cover up so we are warm, but to wear extremely fitted clothes to be date-night appropriate. This top is perfect…it’s a turtleneck! A very clingy turtleneck! Wear it tucked in.
  • “Leather” Pants: These pants are faux leather. That makes them a very nice price. As for the style, well, how can we get any more attractive while staying warm than in fitted “leather” pants?!
  • HeelsAs I so often say about the shoe part of our outfit, these make the whole look! The closed toe makes them the right shoe to wear for winter, the patent and d’Orsay style (side is cut away) makes them right for night, and the stiletto screams, “Date!”
  • ClutchThis is simply fabulous and adds a cool edginess to our pale pink top, while still being quite feminine!

You’re going to kill it, Ladies! And remember, the best and most irresistible accessory (equally important to your shoe!) is confidence! I love you!

Andrea Graye :)