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Winter Fashion: Brunch!

I love brunch. It’s such a magical collision of chic “comfort” food, sparkling beverages, and a day off. To celebrate all of this “wonderful-ness” I like to dress spiffy, but still be comfortable, all while having a laid-back vibe. Here’s how we do that:

  • Pale Pink Midi DressI’ve been obsessed with pale pink since last winter. I think it’s such a dreamy color for the cozy, snowy months.
  • Dark Brown Leather Ankle Boots: We don’t want our brunch look to feel too stuffy, so we must pair our delicate dress with these chunky, funky boots.
  • “Gray” Leather Handbag: This bag is a grayish-brownish color that pulls our whole look together. The shape, size, and texture give us our desired “laid-back” vibe.
  • Ivory Opaque Tights: We will be cute and cozy in these solid tights!

Happy brunching!

Andrea Graye :)