Your Holiday Fitness Routine

I’m a firm believer of keeping exercise in your daily routine during the holiday season. I know it seems like just one more thing to do, but it is a great stress release. I especially like to sweat it out early in the morning. This way, I start my day feeling accomplished and ready to take on anything else on my to-do list!

My exercise of choice is running. I typically run in the morning and ride out the runner’s high for the rest of the day. But, recently, I went to a hot yoga class with my sister (my first). I know I’m late to the party on this, but it was awesome! It was the closest I’ve felt to a runner’s high, without the actual running. Bonus: I was able to spend some time with my sister! I highly recommend making a date, during the holiday season, for a hot yoga class with someone you need to catch up with. You’ll get in some bonding time and a good sweat! Also, a gift certificate to hot yoga classes is not a bad holiday gift idea for your favorite exercise lover (✅ one gift off of your list).

If you just can’t make it out of your home, or don’t want to, I have some yoga videos to suggest for home. You can #hitreset (and de-stress) from the comfort of your own home, with your laptop, tablet, etc. and this link: jasyoga.com/#hitreset. There is a small cost ($4.99/month) for unlimited yoga classes on video, but that’s cheaper than one coffee in the red cup!

I also think this core workout (oiselle.com/blog/core-routine-runners-dozen) can help you combat all of the turkey, pie, and cookies that are ahead of you this holiday season. Along with the jasyoga videos, this routine can be done anytime and anywhere during this holiday season!

I hope this helps you to stay fit as the days grow shorter and colder, but your to-do list grows longer. Enjoy!