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Your New “Diet”

I HATE “fad” diets and all of the ridiculous “juice cleanses” we hear about celebrities doing. Our bodies need energy and energy comes from FOOD. With all of the confusing (and dangerous) information in the media, it can be impossible to know how to actually eat correctly. So, I’m here to help. I did not always eat well. But, through lots of health issues, I stopped seeing food as something that affected my weight, and started seeing it as fuel that my body needed for strength and good health. To my pleasant surprise, when I began eating with this new attitude and perspective I actually LOST weight and felt healthier than I ever had before. The following is exactly what to eat to make our bodies feel the best:

  1. Breakfast: Cheesy Chicken Sausage Sandwich (from my article, Healthy AND Filling Breakfast).
  2. Morning Snack: High-Protein Yogurt
  3. Lunch: Whole grain bread, roast chicken (you can buy one of those Roaster Chickens already cooked), lettuce, and Organic Mayo, with a side of Organic Potato Chips.
  4. Afternoon Snack: Almond Butter (almonds should be the only ingredient) and an apple.
  5. Dinner: Recipe from my article, Sweet and Sour Chicken.
  6. Dessert: I think dessert is important. It’s delicious and it is very fun to have a treat. I love Organic Ice Cream because it has protein in it and it has calcium. Individual ice cream containers are perfect because they help us with portion control.

If you are a coffee drinker, it is best to drink it black or to use Stevia as your sweetener. It comes from a plant, not a chemical, and it has zero calories.

I did not give exact quantities of food on purpose. None of us were created to be the exact same size. We all have different bone structures and frames. That means, we all need a different amount of calories each day. To gauge what your body needs, be sure to drink plenty of water with each snack and meal, as well as always have water with you to sip in between eating. Additionally, eat slowly and pay attention to how your body feels while you are eating. Once you are full, stop eating. This will become easier to do, the more you practice. And don’t be afraid to stop eating. Once we eat in this balanced manner and we’re never depriving ourselves, we won’t gavone (Italian for “eats too much”) when we do eat.

To hear more tips about how to eat well and the details of how I (and our wellness contributor, Tara Felice) successfully developed the right relationship with food, listen to our podcast, Your New Relationship with Food.

Love you!

Andrea Graye :)